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9 days ago
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Wherever you go, you’re never too far from our beantastic beverages. We get our grind on at over 2,000 shops across the UK, so if you’ve ever wondered what hot drinks are on offer at Greggs, then here’s a selection of our top choices.


Short, strong and full of beans. If you’re after a no-nonsense coffee, this one should do the trick.

At the heart of any great Americano, is a high quality, freshly ground Espresso. Our regular size is made from 2 shots of our own unique blend of mild, high grown and rich-tasting Arabica and Robusta Fairtrade beans. Enjoy it as it comes or with a splash of milk.


A short strong coffee with a generous helping of milky foam on top. And, if you’re anything like us you’ll know the frothier, the better.

Not only does it taste amazingly delicious, but the beans are also 100% Fairtrade.


This little ‘pick-me-up’ in a cup, is made the way you know and love, with a double shot of freshly ground Fairtrade Espresso and steamed milk.

Think of it as the big brother of the cappuccino, with its soft, silky foam and stunning texture.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

If you haven’t tried our Pumpkin Spice Latte, topped with cream and spiced sugar sprinkles, you’re in for a treat.

With its sweet smell of pumpkin spices, together with the warmth of freshly ground Fairtrade coffee and frothy steamed milk, perfectly finished off with a whipping of cream and a sprinkle of spiced sugar - just think of it as autumn in a cup.

Hot Chocolate

We all love chocolate. But sometimes, a piece just won’t cut it. That’s why we’ve turned up the heat, to give to you our deliciously decadent Fairtrade Hot Chocolate.

If it’s not one of your go-to hot drinks, it should be. Especially if it’s a particularly wet and dreary day - we guarantee this will hit the spot.


The classic. An English breakfast tea made with Fairtrade Tea leaves. It’s everyone’s go-to drink, whatever the mood. And who can blame them?

Cold? Cup of Tea. Happy? Cup of Tea. Bored? You guessed it, grab a cuppa. Not only is tea the solution to most of the nation’s problems, but it also tastes like a hug in a mug. A treat, no matter the occasion.

Not only do we offer an amazing selection of hot drinks, but thanks to our Fairtrade menu, you’ll also be helping to support a more sustainable future for overseas communities.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a freshly ground coffee from as little as £1.40 or download the Greggs App and grab one for free. It’s on us.

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