Welsh Carrier Bags

Government legislation means that we are required to keep annual records relating to the single use carrier bags that we supply in our Welsh shops, showing what happens to any proceeds that we make if we charge for the bags. Here are our records for the period April 2012 – March 2013

Number of chargeable bags supplied: 1,243,070

Total amount received from the sale of bags: £62,153.50

Total amount received from the 5p charge: £62,153.50

Net proceeds of the charge: £51,794.58

We donated the net proceeds as follows:
• £24,000 to the South East Wales Rivers Trust for a project centred on the River Taff.
• £27,794.58 to the Greggs Foundation for donation to good caused in Wales.

The difference of £10,358.92 between the total amount received from the sale of bags and the net proceeds is made up of VAT included in the 5p charge.