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Opening times for all Greggs shops can be found on our Shop Finder. Just enter your location into the search bar to find opening times, contact details and available facilities.

We’ve been donating unsold food for a long time. Originally our bakeries teamed up with large charities who help distribute it to smaller organisations.

This process remains in place, though we’ve also worked hard to increase the amount of unsold food donated by our shops and we currently support a nationwide network of good causes.

In 2022, we redistributed 1,800 tonnes of unsold food through our Greggs Outlet shops. A share of the profits from the outlets, totalling £450,000, was then donated back into the communities we serve.

We’re no longer taking new applications for end-of-day food donation partners, but we continue to identify regions where our shops could support a local charitable collection and remain committed to working towards 100% of surplus food going to those who need it. To find out more visit: Greggs Corporate | Stronger, healthier communities

It is very common for retailers to have regional prices. This is because the costs of running a business can vary across different parts of the country and in certain locations, for example rent costs. We always keep our prices as low as possible for our customers.

We have to charge VAT if you wish to ‘eat in’ which we then pass over to HMRC. We also charge a little extra in our café shops as we provide additional services. We’ll always let you know by showing both the eat in and takeaway prices on our shelf tickets.

While every effort is made to prevent cross contamination happening in our products, due to the way that we make, bake and deliver our food we can’t guarantee that any cross contamination hasn’t occurred. To find out more information on this, you can read our Nutritional and Allergen information here. We also have an advice notice in every shop to explain this.

At Greggs we're proud to use fresh produce and although every care has been taken to remove small pieces of fruit stone, egg shell, bone and nut shell sometimes a small amount may remain in our products.

As some recipes vary by region, our nutritional information can differ from shop to shop. This means that the nutritional information in our shop does not include all products. To get nutritional and allergen information for a specific product, please contact our Customer Care Team.

We’re always looking at ways that we can broaden our range, but at the moment we don’t have a Halal menu. Like many brands in the food industry, we use a range of suppliers, some of whom provide chicken that is compliant with the HFA. However, we can’t label this as Halal because we don’t provide separation in either our shops or our bakeries.

We take great care to ensure that the animal products used in our recipes are produced in a way that avoids the abuse or exploitation of animals. Animal welfare is a top business priority at Greggs and to this end, we measure our progress against the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW). We're proud to be one of the few businesses in our industry to have maintained a Tier 2 with them for the fourth year running and work hard to drive continuous improvement throughout our supply chain.

Whether we buy them as whole eggs or as a liquid, 100% of the eggs we use come from free-range hens. This means hens that spend their lives free from close confinement such as cages and have more freedom to move around.

All of our mayonnaise is pasteurised and suitable for pregnant women. We’d always recommend you check with your doctor to ensure they’re comfortable for you to eat this.

When we do, we only ever use 100% sustainable palm oil ingredients in our food and drinks and we are proud members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Greggs gluten free products are manufactured using recipes that are free from gluten and the manufacturing sites have strict gluten controls and testing regimes in place. Our shop teams have undergone gluten training, and there are gluten controls and a testing regime in place to manage cross contamination with gluten within our shops.

Our daily-fresh sandwiches are made in our own shops, using bread baked that day and our savouries are baked fresh in the shop ovens throughout the day.

We sell savouries that are freshly baked in our shop ovens, then put on the shelf to cool. We don’t keep them in a heated environment, use heat retaining packaging, or market them as hot because of this. As bakers, we believe that baking our savouries fresh each day gives customers the best quality product. If the sausage rolls and bakes were kept hot after they had been baked, then they would be subject to VAT and the customer would have to be charged a higher price, in the same way that we charge VAT on our hot sandwiches which are kept in a heated cabinet and are subject to VAT.

To make sure you get the best Greggs App experience, including our new payment improvements, please make sure you have the latest version of the app downloaded on your device.

When you place an order or top-up, you’ll be prompted to re-add your card details before making payment. You’ll also be able to remove any saved cards on this screen, should you need to.  

It’s simple to remove a card, but varies by device:  

  • On an Android device, simply swipe the card you want to remove and then click delete.  

  • On an iOS device, click ‘edit’ before selecting the card you want to delete.  

We’ll prompt you in your Greggs App when it’s time to update your card details and your auto top-up payments. If you use auto top-up, we’ll contact you the day before the switch so you’re aware that scheduled payments may get cancelled. 

Greggs App updates include improvements to our payment process and Click + Collect. 

We’re always trying to improve the Greggs App and this change will offer an easier payment experience, ordering via Click + Collect or simply topping up. 

Users who previously had card details saved or used auto top-up should look to set these functions up again following the payment update to enjoy the best Greggs App experience. 

Any existing auto top-up will be cancelled and your saved card details securely removed. Don’t worry, you’ll receive a prompt when it’s time to enter your info.

No need to worry! Any existing wallet balance will not change, and you’ll be able to use it on delicious Greggs as normal.

If you have auto-update set up on your phone then there’s no need to do anything, your phone will automatically update to the new version of the Greggs App.

If you don’t have auto-update set up on your phone, then you will need to head to the App Store and search for ‘Greggs App’ to download the newest version.

How do I update the new Greggs app?

For your convenience, we’ve introduced auto top-up to the app. This means that you can set up an automatic feed of cash from your bank account straight into your Greggs account.

Once your account drops below £5 it is automatically topped up by an amount specified by you (i.e. £5). It's a handy way of making sure your account is always funded whilst you’re on the go.

If you've topped up your account, you’ll have a balance that's displayed in the app. Balance updates can take about five minutes to show on your account. For the new balance to display on your phone, you need to have an active Wi-Fi or 3G connection as a minimum. If you think that there's an issue with your balance not updating correctly please give us a call on 0808 1473447.

As part of setting up your account, we’ll ask for your postal address, email address and mobile number so we can contact you in future about the Greggs App. We promise not to send you communication unrelated to the app or to share your data with any other party, unless you specifically tell us you’re happy for us to do so.

As for your date of birth, this is so that we can send you a special birthday gift on your big day!

For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

We take your privacy very seriously and want you to be confident with us. We only work with partners who carry the highest accreditation for their security and have ensured that our Greggs App system has been independently reviewed and audited for its security. In addition, we house all of your personal data with care and diligence.

You can read our Privacy Policy in full.

We don't hold any of your financial information. We partner with a PCI:DSS level 1 payment service provider to ensure that your details are held securely with them.

Storing your credit card information in your Greggs account is a convenient way to top-up your card so that you don’t have to re-enter your details each time.

If you have noticed any suspicious activity, please call our Customer Care team as soon as possible on 0808 1473447.

The best thing to do if you lose your phone or your phone is stolen, is to call us immediately on 0808 1473447. We may be able to help you protect your funds within the app. We'd always recommend that you put a password on your phone, just to be extra safe!

We’re sorry you want to delete your account. If you're having problems, we'd encourage you to call us on 08081 473447 or Contact us via our website so we can try and solve them. Alternatively, to delete your Greggs App account, please head to the ‘account’ section in your Greggs App where you will see the option to delete. 

Great news! If you have either a Click + Collect or Greggs Rewards account we have combined these in to one single Greggs Account, so you can use the same details to access both Click + Collect via our website and our app.

No, the QR code requires a mobile signal to load the first time before use, but once loaded it will continue to work whether you have connection or not. Before heading into your local shop, we’d advise loading your QR code to make sure it’s ready to scan. If your QR code won’t load, click the 'get new code' on your app scan screen. Mobile signal is required to view the latest stamp and reward data on your app home screen.

You can use part-payment with the app, allowing you to use all the remaining funds within your Greggs Account before completing the purchase with another payment method. Just so you know, there is no minimum spend on the debit card option of the transaction.

If you’d prefer not to use an app balance, you can pay with cash, debit or credit card or Apple Pay - it’s not essential to have funds in your app account. However, if you do sign up for auto top-up, you'll never be without funds.

Yes, you can pay for a Click + Collect order using a balance from your Greggs App account. Unfortunately, we don’t yet offer the option to part-pay through Click + Collect, so if you choose to use your balance you will need to have sufficient funds in your app wallet to cover the total.

You can manage your account details via the Greggs App. If you have any issues please get in touch with us on 08081 473447 or Contact us via our website and one of our team will be able to help out.

If you have a Greggs rewards account from using our previous App, or have created a Click + Collect account, you can log in to the new app with either of these existing details.

how do I log into the new Greggs app

If you forget your password, select the ‘forgot password’ link on the log in screen and enter your email address, a verification code will then sent to the mobile number we have saved on your account. Input this code into the app to gain access and update your password.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If your verification code does not come through after entering your email address in the ‘forgot password’ link, please check the last 5 digits of mobile number we hold for you is correct and select resend code.

If your mobile number is not correct, please get in touch with our Customer Care team to update your details by selecting the ‘Get in touch with us’ link.

What do I do if I don't receive my verification code?

If you can’t remember the email you used for your previous Greggs rewards app or Click + Collect account, please get in touch with our Customer Care team to update your details by selecting the ‘Get in touch with us’ link.

What do I do if I cant remember my email address for my Greggs account?

Of course. You can pay by card for individual Click + Collect purchases and you can save the card details if you like, but it’s not mandatory. 

They sure are. Our customers mean a lot to us, and we take protecting your information very seriously.

Depending on who you bank with, tasty Greggs purchases bought via the app could appear as a different description on your statement.  If you have any questions about the description on your statement, please Contact us via our website.

If have any further questions about this change, please Contact us via our website  and we’d be happy to have a chat.

In your Greggs App there are six different categories to collect stamps in. These categories include things like bakes, sweet treats and hot food. When you buy an individual product in those categories, you'll earn a stamp in that category when you scan your Greggs App. Collect nine stamps in a category, and as a reward the tenth item will be on us – it’s as simple (and as delicious) as that! Some products work a little differently – like multipacks. For full T&Cs, click here.

To claim your rewards, just let the shop team member know you have a reward when you are ready to pay, open the Wallet section in your app, and scan the QR code at the till. Remember to check that your reward is toggled ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ when scanning. If you want to scan, but would prefer to keep your reward for another time, you can toggle it ‘OFF’.

We want you to use your reward when you want to. All of your rewards are automatically turned 'ON'. If you don't want to redeem your reward just make sure you switch it to 'OFF' in the app before you scan your phone.

It's always best to toggle 'ON' or 'OFF' when you have a good internet connection.

Unfortunately, at the moment we can’t offer rewards for purchases made using Just Eat or Uber Eats delivery, but we’re working hard to make this happen in the future.

Stamps can take up to 24 hours to appear in your account. For the app to register a stamp to your account, it needs to connect your QR code to the till. If you've scanned your app and haven’t received a stamp and there’s no receipt showing in your Purchase History for your visit, it looks like something may have gone wrong when scanning. If you Contact us we’ll do everything we can to get it sorted for you.

Your rewards have an expiry date which will be shown against the reward in the app.

All gift cards are valid for 2 years from date of purchase. If you are still concerned about losing an existing balance, Contact us and we’ll do everything we can to get it sorted for you.

If you have any queries related to B2B sales please contact

Yes! When you log into the Greggs App, you earn rewards and stamps when you place an order on Click + Collect. If you’re ordering via our website, make sure to log in when you checkout to earn your well-deserved stamps. You’ll be able to see your rewards progress when you next open the Greggs App.

So that we can make sure we're able to serve our customers, when you arrive at the shop you'll only be able to collect your original order. Not to worry though, placing an order is really simple and you can order as many times as you'd like to.

This is so we can make sure your visit to the shop is as easy as possible and helps us control how many people are served at one time.

Unfortunately, at the moment we can’t offer rewards for purchases made using Just Eat or Uber Eats, but we’re working hard to make this happen in the future.

We're afraid at the moment we can only accept payment via credit or debit card in advance. We hope to add more payment methods in the future.

You can order up to 10 of any individual item, we are doing this to make sure we have great availability for all of our customers. It’ll also help us manage queues in shops and allow us to serve customers as safely as possible.

We’re now live on Just Eat and Uber Eats in a number of locations, meaning you can get your Greggs fix at a click of a button.

For more information on Just Eat deliveries or for any queries regarding an existing order, please visit the Just Eat website to find out more.

For more information on Uber Eats deliveries or for any queries regarding an existing order, please visit the Uber Eats website to find out more.

We now have a dedicated Click + Collect point in all our shops, head to the collection point and show your order reference number to collect your order.

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