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Enjoy a slice of delight with Greggs pizza

1 year ago
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Mamma mia, have we got a slice of Italian delight to blow away your blues!

We might be best known for our tasty pastry, but when it comes to pizza, it has to be said we’re pretty *chef’s kiss*. 

From classic tomato and cheese, to slices with an added kick, we’ve got a whole range of flavours to tempt your tastebuds. 

Can’t see your favourite on the list? Fear not, our new customisable pizzas mean you can have your slice your style. 



 Made with a blend of cheeses and our secret pizza sauce on a soft focaccia style base. It’s a crowd pleaser for a reason. 

FROM £1.90



Inspired by our Italian cousins, our Pepperoni Pizza has a rich layer of our unique sauce, covered in a blend of cheeses with sliced pepperoni. Don’t mind if we do.  

FROM £2.20


Spicy Mexican Chicken 

 Our Mexican Chicken Pizza is tasty enough to have you shouting ‘arriba!’. Created with a rich layer of pizza sauce, a blend of cheeses and then topped with Mexican style chicken, sliced jalapenos and red onion.  

FROM £2.20


Pepperoni Hot Shot 

 Let’s crank it up a notch. The hot shot is made from our classic focaccia style base topped with sauce, a blend of cheeses, pepperoni, sliced jalapenos and red onion. Hot shot by name, hot shot by nature. 

 FROM £2.20


Mixed Slice Sharing Box 

Grab your pals because this one’s to share. The six-slice sharing box is bursting with flavour and you can even go half and half with your two favourite Greggs pizza toppings. Choose two different pizzas and get three slices of each, perfect for keeping everyone happy. Served with a dip of your choice including Hot Sauce, Garlic and Herb or BBQ. Yum!   

FROM £9.20

Customisable Pizzas 

The pizza you know and love, exactly how you want it. Choose three tasty toppings including, chargrill chicken, Mexican chicken, pepperoni, red onion, peppers, jalapenos on top of our famous focaccia base. And what’s better, they’re freshly made to order, especially for you.

From £9.20

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