Vegan Sausage Roll

Do Veganuary with Greggs

1 year ago
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So Christmas is over, the trees are down and the chocolates are well and truly demolished. 

But don’t despair, say hello to a new year and Veganuary with the newest additions to our tasty vegan menu.  

Introducing our expanded vegan menu … 

Vegan Cajun Chicken-Free Roll  

It’s safe to say we’re getting pretty good at the vegan-friendly delicacies here at Greggs - and our all-new Vegan Cajun Chicken-Free Roll is no exception.  

Made from tasty Cajun style chicken-free pieces topped with fresh salad leaves and finished with a touch of chipotle chilli sauce and Cajun spiced mayo, all packed into a white and wholemeal roll. 


Vegan Southern Fried Chicken-Free Goujons 

Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside, our vegan goujons are a taste sensation. Made with tasty meat-free filling and coated in lightly spiced southern fried breadcrumbs. Pair with one of our sweet chilli dips for a top tasty treat. 


Vegan Southern Fried Chicken-Free Baguette 

Made with a freshly baked crunchy baguette, packed with our tasty vegan goujons, topped with mature Cheddar vegan cheeZe flavour slices, sliced red onion and a generous helping of our infamous chipotle chilli sauce. What more could you want? A side of wedges ofcourse... 


Not forgetting our vegan oldies (but goodies)… 

Vegan Sausage Roll 

Our Vegan Sausage Roll is carefully designed to mirror some of the original Sausage Roll’s classic features, including around 96 layers of deliciously light puff pastry. If it ain’t broke, right? BUT… instead we wrap it around our own bespoke filling, developed with the help of our friends at Quorn. And, in our humble opinion, it continues to be a gamechanger. 


Glazed Ring Doughnut 

We made our classic Glazed Ring Doughnut vegan-friendly, so even more of you can enjoy it. Our vegan-friendly Glazed Ring Doughnut has kept all the splendour of its original counterpart, with a delicious glazed fondant icing. 


Sweet Potato Bhaji and Rice 

Looking for something to liven up your lunch? Look no further than our vegan-friendly Sweet Potato Bhaji and Rice bowl. Delicious sweet potato onion bhajis served with cooked long grain rice and a flavourful Indian style chana masala sauce with mixed vegetables, chickpeas, lentils and quinoa. Served with roasted peppers, spinach leaves and pickled red onions. It really does taste as good as it looks. 


Southern Fried Potato Wedges  

Lightly spiced with a combination of herbs and spices, our Southern Fried Potato Wedges are made from specially selected potatoes and lightly sprinkled with southern fried style seasoning. And yep you guessed it, they’re vegan-friendly too! 


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