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Everything you need to know about Greggs Outlet Shops

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A Greggs Outlet is a shop where our unsold food is redistributed and sold at a lower price.

Our Outlet shops help us to tackle food waste, while allowing people in disadvantaged areas to enjoy our food at a huge discount.   

Cutting food waste

At Greggs, all our food is made fresh daily, meaning at the end of each day, any food that hasn’t been sold, is removed from our shelves. To prevent food waste, we send as much food as we can to our Outlet shops, where it is sold the next day at a discount.

We opened 10 new Outlet shops in 2022, offering big reductions on day-old products to people managing a tight budget. The new shops mean that every one of our food manufacturing sites now has an Outlet shop nearby allowing us to redistribute surplus food from our production sites, as well as unsold food from our shops. By the end of 2025, we will have 50 Greggs Outlet shops providing affordable food in areas of social deprivation.

How our Outlets help the community

As well as offering our food at a lower price, our Outlet Shops also allow us to give a helping hand to the wider community.

A portion of the profit generated from our Greggs Outlets is donated to the Greggs Foundation, this is then shared between organisations such as soup kitchens, food banks, and community groups, putting money back into local community organisations that are working to tackle food poverty in areas of greatest need. In 2022, we gave £417,000 to local community organisations and 1,165 tonnes of unsold food to local and national charities to redistribute to those in need.

Where to find them

Rising energy and food prices are putting real pressure on every household’s budget, but the poorest families are being hit the hardest. That’s why we open Greggs Outlet shops in areas where we know social deprivation is high.

Our locations:

Westgate Road, Newcastle
Hollin Park Parade, Leeds
Highgate Street, Birmingham
Ward End, Washwood Heath Road, Birmingham
Holton Road, Barry, The Vale of Glamorgan
Victoria Road, Woolston
Grand Avenue, Cardiff
Church Road, Redfield
Tynemouth Road, Howdon
Villette Road, Hendon, Sunderland
Welbeck Road, Walker
High Street, Tipton
Uppingham Road, Leicester
Great Horton Road, Bradford
Fredrick, South Shields
London Road, Preston
Nitshill Road, Nitshill, Glasgow
Westmuir Street, Parkhead, Glasgow
Old Durham Road, Deckham
1843 Maryhill Road, Glasgow
126 Maryhill Road, Glasgow
Saltmarket, Glasgow
Villa Road, Handsworth
Coverntry Road, Shedlon, Birmingham
Milbrook Road, Southampton
Hermit Road, Canning Town, London
Barnsley Road, Sheffield
Cundy Road, Newham

Want to know more about how we pledge to make the world a better place? Take a look at the Greggs Pledge for more information.

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