Greggs secret menu

Have you heard about the ‘Greggs Secret Menu’?

2 years ago
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The name might sound a bit suspect, but the Greggs ‘Secret Menu’ is a unique list of products that you will only find in certain Greggs shops around the UK.

They’re those products that take you back to childhood, a flavour that reminds you of a special place or the sweet taste of your hometown. Whether it’s Stotties in the North East or Haggis Pies in Glasgow, every region has its own specialty.

Just like tastes change over time, so does our menu. But we also know that what someone likes to eat in Glassgow, might be different to what someone fancies in Newcastle! That’s why a small selection of the products in our shops are unique to the area, carefully chosen to reflect local taste.  

So why are they secret? You won’t find these items on our website or main menu, they’re only available to eye-up in Greggs shops. So, if you’re thinking about trying them out it might take you some time. Greggs tour of the UK anyone?

A sneak peak of a few of our ‘Secret Items’…

Pineapple Cake

This tropical little number is exclusive to Greggs shops in Glasgow. Made from a sweet pastry shell, it’s filled with pineapple flavour jam and a sweetened filling, coated in vibrant yellow fondant.

Tottenham Cake

The name is a bit of a giveaway when it comes to where you can find this delicacy. A delicious sponge cake topped with pink fondant icing. Available in our London shops.

Haggis Pie

As the name might suggest, this tasty little snack is Scotland’s most famous dish. A lightly baked pie shell filled with haggis, swede and mashed potato. Available only in our Scotland shops.

Peach Melba

This classic dessert which dates back to the 1800’s is only available in Greggs shops in the North East. Made from a sweet pastry shell, it’s filled with pieces of peach in a light syrup and sweetened cream, finished perfectly with colourful fondant.


Ahh the Stottie man! You can’t go far in the North East without hearing about the famous ol’ Stottie.

It may not look like much, but this delicious dough can do no wrong. A delicious, flat-shaped white loaf, covered in a dusting of flour for extra flavour.

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