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#HaveAHeart with Greggs Foundation Breakfast Clubs 

1 year ago
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The Greggs Foundation Breakfast Club Appeal week is back again! 

Starting on 25th June, we’re dedicating a week to raising awareness of The Greggs Foundation and raising funds for the Breakfast Club programme. 

The Greggs Foundation supports over 800 breakfast clubs with the help of our partners, feeding more than 52,000 children each day. But, with a waiting list of over 500 schools, we still need and want to do more with your help. 

What are Greggs Breakfast Clubs? 

For over two decades, The Greggs Foundation has been growing and managing a network of school Breakfast Clubs to help children who might otherwise go without a nutritious meal.

For many reasons, some children don’t get the right start to their day. Hungry kids find it harder to concentrate, learn and make friends at school. That’s why our clubs provide breakfast to over 52,000 primary school children every day, ensuring they start their morning on the right track. 

With your support, we know we can help more children. A key part of the Greggs Pledge is helping to support our communities and by 2025, we want to reach 70,000 children every day to help create a brighter future.   

How can you help?  

  • Donate online  

    You can donate to the Greggs Foundation Breakfast Club Appeal quickly and easily online via our website, whatever amount you choose 

  • Donate in shop  

    You can also donate in Greggs shops by donating into one of our charity buckets or adding 25p onto your order at the till. No matter what you order, just tell one of our shop team members you want to donate to the Greggs Foundation Breakfast Club Appeal and make a 25p donation at the till.  

  • Have a heart 

    Every time you buy a Jammy Heart Biscuit from Greggs, the Greggs Foundation receives a 5p donation, this rises to 10p during appeal week. So next time you’re picking up your morning coffee or lunch to-go, grab yourself a Jammy Heart Biscuit. Or why not buy one for a special someone and give a gift in more ways than one.    

Together, we can help to open even more Breakfast Clubs - supporting the 500 schools on our waiting list - and be one step closer to our goal of feeding 70,000 children every day by 2025.

Donate now 


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