Valentines Day gift card

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a Greggs

2 years ago
2 min read

Forget the flowers and fancy jewellery because the heart wants what it wants. And let’s be honest, a pastry will never leave you on read or forget your birthday. Save yourself from disappointment this Valentine’s Day and take matters into your own hands!  

Here’s some great ideas on how to taste the love this Valentine’s Day in true Greggs style…  

1. Buy yourself a Jammy Heart because you are the one true love of your life.   

2. Posh meal? Pffft so cliché! Buy your special somebody a Greggs Gift Card and that way they’ll think of you every time they buy a tasty treat.  

3. Put on a Greggs buffet for you and your pals. We’re thinking an Instagram style platter of Sausage Rolls, Steak Bakes and Yum Yums. What’s not to love? 

4. Fancy a cosy night in? Get Greggs delivered to your door with Just Eat and tuck into some sweet treats while watching your favourite rom-com. Win win!  

5. Grab your bestie and go on a shopping trip – who says money can’t buy happiness? (And delicious Greggs coffee!)  


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