"6 slice box for £7.99, save some dough with our pizza sharing boxes" on a blue background between two delicious slices of Pepperoni Hot Shot pizza

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4 months ago
3 min read

What’s better than a slice of Greggs pizza?

How about six slices of Greggs pizza for just £7.99*?

Now we’re no mathematicians, but our rumbling stomachs tell us that’s one tasty deal whichever way you cut it.

It’s no secret that we’re Sausage Roll royalty, but we’re firm believers that our pizzas are pretty spectacular too. Four corners of our focaccia style base, covered in a mouthwatering sauce and a blend of everyone’s favourite food group – cheese.

Whether you stop there and tuck into a classic Margherita, or you fancy adding a bit of pizzaz with our Pepperoni Hot Shot – the only question here is: which one takes your fancy?

Lucky for you, there’s no need to settle on one flavour. Mix and match to suit the gang with our mixed sharing boxes. That’s half Spicy Mexican Chicken and half Margherita (because life is all about balance).

For two weeks, grab a steal and share a pizza for just £7.99. Delivered to your door, or ready for you to pick up in one of our shops with Click + Collect… it’s really up to you.

*Limited time offer available for walk-in, Click + Collect and delivery between 10/06/24 to 23/06/24, 08/07/24 to 21/07/24, 12/08/24 to 25/08/24. Subject to availability, delivery fees may apply. Standard price from £8.65.

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