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to happiness

bacey sandwich

Whether it's bakes, baguettes, or buns that put a smile on your face, get your Greggs fix via Click + Collect online or on the Greggs App.

A phone using the Greggs App shows the time slot selection screen in the Click + Collect journey.

Ready when you are

Book a time slot to pick up your order at a shop near you. Then just pop in for your pizza or bounce in for your bakes.

No queue for you

Click + Collect is like an instant VIP upgrade where we roll out the blue carpet just for you. Catch you later, queue.

A phone using the Greggs App shows a Sandwich & Drink meal deal selected in the Click + Collect journey.
A Greggs iced drink sits next to a Pepperoni Hot Shot Pizza slice on a Greggs bag.

Hassle-free tastiness

Go easy on yourself and use Click + Collect - it's quick, convenient and full of tasty value.

Get Greggs delivered

Ditch the dishes and get your Greggs faves delivered directly to your door. Yum.

A six slice pizza box full of Pepperoni Hot Shot Pizza