Colleague discount

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How to apply for your Greggs colleague discount

One of the tastiest parts about working for Greggs is the delicious colleague discount.

Our colleagues enjoy 50% off Greggs-produced products and 25% off other items we stock. Yum! It covers a maximum of £25 worth of discount each week and colleagues can apply from their very first day on the job.

After a year of continuous employment with us, Greggs colleagues will be entitled to apply for a secondary nominee discount to give to a family member who lives in the same household as you. A surefire way to make you popular.

A mobile phone with the Greggs App welcome page displayed on the screen.
Step 1

Make sure you've got the Greggs App

Download the Greggs app from the App Store or Google Play and sign up for an account.

Step 2

Complete this form to link colleague discount with your Greggs App

Be sure to use the email address that is linked with your Greggs App. If you’re not sure you can check in the app by accessing more > account

Applying for your primary discount only and not adding your nominee discount (should you be entitled to it) will invalidate your nominee's plastic discount card – so include as much information as possible.

Please include the Greggs App email address for your secondary discount nominee, this can't be the same email as the primary applicant.

In applying and accessing colleague discount I confirm that I (and my secondary nominee where applicable) will comply with the Colleague Discount Policy at all times.  

Let us know your primary details:

Date of birth
Step 3

Tips on how to use the Greggs App

A mobile phone with the Greggs App account page displayed on the screen.

Use the account page in your Greggs App to confirm your email address.

A mobile phone with the Greggs App rewards page displayed on the screen.

Make sure your discount is toggled on and scan your app at the till.


View the frequently asked questions below

  • If you have a problem with your application, please contact the People Admin Team by emailing

  • If your App or card is not recognised by the till system, the Team Member will let you know that your App or card is not accepted, and you will need to pay full price.

You can apply for Colleague Discount as soon as you join Greggs.

  • Check carefully that you have entered the correct Greggs App account details following the instructions on the website.

  • Your employment details must be an exact match to what is on Your G People– ie. as printed on your payslip.

Yes – but only once you have a minimum of 1 years service.

Your secondary nominee can be any immediate family eg. partner/parent/sibling/child aged 16+ who lives with you at the same address.

You must re-apply for your discount and your secondary nominees discount via the Greggs App, or the Colleague Discount page. Please note that if you need to change your secondary nominee then you will need to re-apply for both yours and your nominee discount.

You must re-apply for your discount to remove your secondary nominee.

Yes. All colleagues who wish to obtain colleague discount should apply for discount through the Greggs App or the Colleague Discount page. You must apply for the discount even if you are only obtaining discount for during your breaks whilst at work.

Open the Greggs app and click on the scan button in the bottom navigation.  A scan dialog with a QR code will open. Scan this when making a purchase at the till.

No. In line with paying for goods, whether we are buying products to take home or enjoy on a break, these must be paid for at the time they are taken and the Greggs App / discount card presented.

No, the Greggs App / discount card must be presented.

  • Up to 50% off depending on product type. See discount policy for full details.

  • Max discount of £25 per account in any one week.

Yes – You can apply for a bumper week of £50 allowance, once per year.

A copy is available in your shop, on the intranet or via your Line Manager.